Замена всех вхождений подстроки в строке

(defun replace-all (string part replacement &key (test #'char=))
"Returns a new string in which all the occurences of the part 
is replaced with replacement."
    (with-output-to-string (out)
      (loop with part-length = (length part)
            for old-pos = 0 then (+ pos part-length)
            for pos = (search part string
                              :start2 old-pos
                              :test test)
            do (write-string string out
                             :start old-pos
                             :end (or pos (length string)))
            when pos do (write-string replacement out)
            while pos))) 

(replace-all "Groucho Marx Groucho" "Groucho" "ReplacementForGroucho")
; "ReplacementForGroucho Marx ReplacementForGroucho"